zhGive Knowledge


To Give or Not to Give...that is the question.


Okay. So let's talk about this one for a second. It is a hot topic issue. Some say yes, give it. Others say no, don't give it.


The policy states to not give this book in conjunction with a new sign up. You are not to highlight this book as a means of advertising your product. For example, I may not say, "If you sign up with a Premium Starter Kit, I will gift you this amazing pocket reference." You have put a correlation between the two. This goes against what the FDA is trying to accomplish in the "do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat" plan they are implementing. Some leaders have taken it to the extreme and told their team members and groups they may not gift the book at all. Ever. In actuality, this has not been stated or mandated by Young Living or by the FDA. No one can tell you whom you can gift what to, or when you can gift it. You are free to gift as you chose. Provided ONE, and only ONE premise is met: That you do not advertise or gift in conjunction with the new sign up. As a business, seeking a sale of a product, when you utilize this book to do so, you are drawing a connection to the book as a means to "diagnose, treat, or cure." I will ALWAYS gift the book. I have seen it inspires people to learn more about oils, create a list of the dozens of oils they want in the future, and then put themselves on Essential Rewards to get them with discounted shipping and free oils.