zfRecognize Your Team Percentage



My Methods


This is my personal method. I know of many RCDs who also use this formula. I recognize my team ranks down to the fifth level with this metric. From levels 6 - to ten, I cut the expense in half, recognizing Silver and above, assuming I have taught my people to recognize their levels 1-5. From there to the bottom of my levels, I recognize with OILS from Silver through Diamond. This method allows me to recognize and stay within the commission I have made from the lines themselves.

When a member makes Star, I send them a book like the Four Year Career, Circle of Success, or 25 to Life. What I send really varies on the season and what I am teaching or the ranking member needs. For example: a team member makes Silver. At that time, I am sending out banners for silver. But I know this member already has a banner. So I send her a Young Living tablecloth instead. Whatever you decide to do, whether it is a 50 cent postcard, or a $50 oil, please recognize your team -- you owe them your business and success. It is not your team. It is their team. Your successes are their successes. Their successes are your successes. Celebrate one another. If I teach you nothing else this class, this is it. Don't forget this.