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With the compensation plan out of the way, let's discuss the ins and outs of the business in terms of sharing and leadership. These are some key guidelines I like all of my new leaders to know. Talk about YL history. We have a very RICH history steeped in oils and rooted in countries all over the world.

Talking and sharing opening and honestly is the the best way to get the information out there. It doesn't have to be fancy or formal. Just share wherever, whenever! DO NOT DEFAME THE COMPETITION. I cringe when I hear members discussing other companies. If you are asked, answer honestly and directly with little flair or venom in your tone or attitude, and just state the facts. If you are not asked, for the love of everything, do not bring it up. Young Living is WITHOUT equal. The best of the best. To compare them is to put them on the level with other companies and say there is something to compare. THERE IS NOTHING TO COMPARE. When you are the best of the best, you stand alone and tower over all competitors. Do not sink to their level. When I speak of differences in growing or companies, I keep them general. No companies are mentioned. This really is the BEST policy. Do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe oils to anyone. Really. This is a big one. For those of you who have been around awhile, you know the FDA is taking notice of alternative medicine as it is taking away from pharma profits quite rapidly. There are certain thing you can and cannot say when sharing. We will not go over that in this class, but please familiarize yourself with the guidelines. For those of you focused on the FDA and fearful of how to proceed, know that if you misspeak on oils, no biggie. It happens. No one expects you to be perfect on the spot. The FDA is not looking at you for your day to day verbiage. They are looking at your online presence. An infographic, Powerpoint, or blog is premeditated. You can't misspeak there. Keep those 100% compliant at all times. For those interested in more on the FDA change, please watch this: