uGeneration Bonus



This bonus works much like the Rising Star Team Bonus. YL uses 6.25% of commissionable sales to determine the bonus amount. For example: if there are 5,000 shares to be paid out (people who qualified) for this bonus, and YL has $10,000,000 in commissionable sales, the share value would be calculated like this: (10,000,000 *.0625) / 5000 This means a share value would be $125. If you look at the chart below, you would see that you get six shares for a Royal Crown Diamond. That is 6 X $125. No joke. But there is a catch. You can only get paid on the rank you are now. This means: if you are a silver, but your downline goes on to make Royal Crown Diamond before you do, you would get one share for them as a Silver. Another great reason to build, grow, and lead your team!