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Building Your Business


At this point, you have a solid team, and our building the foundations of their success. Read that again. THEIR SUCCESS.

I tell people all the time I am in the business of growing diamonds. I am not trying to make Royal Crown Diamond. I am trying to grow everyone I know to be a Royal Crown Diamond. If I make everyone else's dreams come true, don't mine come true, as well? Concentrate on helping them, mentoring, and guiding them! Do not do the work for them. If you do it all for them, they will never learn and grow, or guide anyone themselves. It will all fall apart if you have to step away. You can't be lukewarm. If you are, your downline will be, too. HAVE PASSION! I am linking you to another one of the periscopes I did back in July when I was stateside. Since my return to Japan, I cannot periscope. I have tried multiple devices. My account is hooked to a landline cell phone registered in the states. Here in Japan, I have no cell phone. Periscope won't let me even log in and when I try through twitter, it tells me I have no account. At this point, I believe I will be loading videos direct to YouTube. Stay tuned for videos coming again soon.

Don't Be Lukewarm


5 Steps for Leadership