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You Have To Begin Somewhere 


I'm not a new oiler, I'm not a new distributor. I AM a new business builder. I can no longer sit and watch my friends and family (and everyone I meet, for that matter) live without the wonderful products I have discovered. Where do I start? That is the question many of us are asking. Who can I talk to about this wonderful journey I have set myself on? What can I do to begin introducing everyone I come in contact with to these amazing products without overwhelming them, when I myself sometimes feel overwhelmed?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the place to begin. KingdomLFA has gathered together an amazing team of passionate people to help point us in the right direction--all we need is the gumption to begin, and to let go of the fears that what we do won't be enough. I am still terrified of what will come; where this dream will take me, what I will have to do and who I will have in my life, but I have already discovered the most amazing thing: my friendships have blossomed and I have made the best friends anyone could ask for! I know that if I pick up the phone or send a message, any of the leaders in my circle will jump to help me no matter what the need is. That is the best blessing there could ever be!

I had been a 'backyard oiler' (my term for those of us who have no motivation to build a business) for nearly two years. I have no idea how I kept these oils and products under wraps, because I was using and demonstrating the efficacy of the oils and supplements every day, and people kept asking me what I was doing to stay so healthy. I must have been so boring when explaining my regimen; nobody cared enough to ask me more about what was different about me now. I can confidently say that I feel better than I have in many years, and my overall health is much more balanced. Personally, I can state that I am healthier now (in my late 40's) than I was in my early 20's, and I have Young Living essential oils and oil infused products to thank for that transformation. What is different now than when I was introduced to Young Living in 2014? I am less afraid to tell people about what I'm using and how I'm feeling. Why? I have realized that others can benefit from the things I have experienced and I would be selfish if I kept the knowledge from them. I am obligated by my own conscience to share, share, share!

About three weeks ago, I was praying and debating with myself about whether I was capable of producing a Facebook class for those who have no knowledge of essential oils, something that would teach people what Young Living Essential Oils could do for them...I wanted to be sure that it was clear, concise, to the point and still had "my" little stamp of originality. What did I do? I snooped through my upline's archived Facebook classes and the Young Living Virtual Office and realized that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel, all the resources I needed were there and so was an amazing script that I could personalize (a little) to make "my" class truly mine, but still be true to the mission and vision of what Young Living is really all about. The whole point of teaching and education is to be duplicable. When we consistently reinvent what is already there, we spend our time and energy fixing things that aren't broken, building things that have already been built -- though it feels like an accomplishment and makes us feel as though we have a good product, is it something our budding downline can just "grab and go"? Is it something we can teach on the spot without having to go back and review everything? My goal is to learn the basics of all the products we represent as a company and then research more and more until I can answer questions 'on the spot' without having to stop and look for the answers. Since things are always changing, I will never stop learning! That is one of the wonderful things about this company; as people's needs change, the products change to meet the needs and requirements of the members. The corporate mission statement only begins to describe how Young Living continues to grow and expand while remaining true to the original purpose: Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Can it get any clearer? Fostering a community--check. Healing and discovery--check. Inspiration--check. I have found a community of resources, references and abundance that is incomparable to anything else I have ever experienced. Support, caring, sharing, empowerment, compassion and above all else, love. That is what KingdomLFA is all about.

Questions? Keep snooping through the site. The best is yet to come!

Christine Higdem