fDownline Viewer1



If you click on the tab for Downline Viewer, you will see your members' information. Their name, member number, address, sign up date, and much, much more. I want to draw your attention to a couple of things here.


#1 Boxes. Do you see the little boxes with the dates on them?
This means the member is on Essential Rewards. When the box is checked, the order has processed and is gone from the warehouse. Before the box is checked, you can hover over it and see the PV to process on the date.
This is a great way to check if members made the minimum purchase for commissions (if they are expecting it,) or if they are a couple of dollars shy of a promotion.
For example, if I hover over a line and tells me they have 180pv processing on their ER date, I will message them and tell them, "Hi there! I just noticed you are getting 180pv in YL products in a few days! YAY!! I am so glad you are loving your oils as much as I love mine. I wanted to let you know, just in case you didn't already, that Young Living has a special promotion this month to get *insert oil names* FREE when you purchase 190pv. You are so close to free oils, I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss out by not knowing!! Let me know if you have questions. Happy Oiling!"
Most of the time, they bump up their order...after all...who doesn't want free oils?!
#2 Colors Do you see the PV in green, orange, and red?
This is the easy way YL let's you know if someone is under limits for commissions. If they have a 100pv order or above, it will be green. 50pv or above will be orange. This lets you know they will receive bonus money, but not regular unilevel commission. Red means they have ordered under 50pv and will not receive commission.