dBasic Terms


Customer or Member



Customer: purchases oils at full retail price. Member: purchases oils at 24% member discount price. Must go with starter package. Membership is 12 months from date of last purchase.


Enroller: Enrolls new member. All bonus money is tied to being enroller. (This will be explained later in the class.) Sponsor: The direct upline of the new member. 8% commission.
Enroller Sponser
Upline: The people above you in a Young Living organization. Downline: The people enrolled under you on your team. Legs: Think of a ladder. One rung under the next to the top. You are the top of the ladder. Enroll one person, they are directly under you. They enroll one person, they are directly under them, under you. If you enroll another person, they would be a new leg. If you enroll twenty people, you would have twenty legs. Levels: Back to the ladder. Each rung is a level on a ladder. You are the top. If you enrolled one person and they enrolled one person, the person they enrolled would be your level two.
Legs Levels
PV: Your personal purchase: PV stands for personal volume. In most cases this is dollar for point on oils and supplements. Less points are given to other products.
PGV: Personal Group Volume: this is your PV outside of any legs qualifying for business ranks. For example: if you are a Silver, you need two legs of 4,000OGV each and your total OGV must be 10,000. Your PGV would be the 2,000 occurring OUTSIDE of the two 4,000 legs.
OGV: Overall Group Volume: this is everything in your organization.