Where are you sharing?



You should be sharing everywhere! -- kids sporting events -- playdates -- one on one sharing -- formal teaching -- online teaching -- anytime, anywhere, any place.


My kids used to take tennis lessons. Right before they hit the court for the session, we would set up our section of chairs, drinks, and equipment along the outer wall with all the other parents. My kids would run up and get purification, peppermint, and carrot seed oil. Every other parent looked at me like I had two heads the first week. By the end of the month, they no longer seemed to take notice at all. By the second month, several were asking what I was doing, why I was doing it, and where I got it.
I had two choices: be shy and tell them the bare minimum, or be talkative and tell them everything I could squeeze into the hour. I, of course, be the talkative me...chose to dump it all on them like Niagara Falls on an unsuspecting victim.
You see, I operate under the premise that I have the best oils and products on the planet. I believe with all my heart they belong in every home, on every family. I believe I am doing a disservice to people if I leave them ignorant of the ways and means to true health and wellness. It is not up for me to determine whether or not they would like it or can afford it. That would be egotistical of me to presume I know what they want or delve into their budget. That is up to them. My sole purpose it to share without limits.
Will some people shy away? Yes. They will. It is in their nature or personality.
Will others embrace the knowledge and seek more? Yes. They will. It is in their nature or personality.
You get what I'm saying here, right? We are all different. What we like, need, want, value...that is all different, too.
Don't take someone shying away to mean you have done a poor job sharing or were too pushy in giving knowledge. Don't cast aspersions on your own character for the failure of someone else to view things differently. To each his own. Move on. Well...back to tennis. Out of the original six, two became members, one became a customer. The other three probably still think I have two heads. Who knows. I'm not in it for them. I'm in it for me. AND the other three who need me to guide and help their adventure.