The reasons are many!


Health: Young Living has so many health and wellness products! Many of us joined this company just to use the products. After a few weeks, we realize we have champagne taste buds, but a pocketbook able to afford just the champagne flute! To keep our glass full, we begin to look at the rewards of business. 


And why wouldn't we? One of the most amazing companies on the planet, we KNOW everyone would be better off with Young Living in their homes. We share constantly about our own health and wellness. It is just a matter of converting our efforts from general sharing to a more focused intention.


Financial Freedom: One of the great aspects of home-based business is the opportunity to earn residual income. Don't know what this is yet? Well, it is income generated long-term from your initial efforts in teaching and signing up new members with Young Living.


In a 9-5 job, you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours. That's it. In a residual income business, you gain commission off sales longterm. This means you earn money when you are sleeping, playing, working, taking a vacation --- you earn money 24/7. Even long after you have stopped working hard, and choose to retire. Your commission checks for all of your previous hard work will still come, month after month, for the rest of your life. Is there anything NOT to love about this?



Lifestyle: Imagine a life where you do what you want, when you want to do it. You are not beholden to a traditional work week. You must not work 20 years and then finally rest in retirement. You are able to participate in vacations, incentive trips, recognition, and conventions -- many paid for by Young Living.


You are able to either supplement, or replace, your spouse's income by your efforts. You don't have to worry about your kids' education costs or emergency funds. You balance your check book because it is fun, not because you need to learn how much you can squeeze from one account to the other to pay for your daughter's new dance outfit.


Relationships: Ever wonder what it is like to work with your best friends day to day? Take family vacations together with all of the friends you love and adore? In a home-based business, this is the reality. Why? Because you brought your friends into the business you loved. Whether they just use the product or become business leaders like you, this shared commonality will result in strong friendships, better relationships, and the ability for you to take all of your friends with you on this journey. Not to mention, the new friends you will gain along the way.



Adventure: Learning something new, touring farms around the world, going on trips with Young Living and your teams --- does any of this NOT sound like adventure?! I have been to Ecuador, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Paris ALL in the last year with Young Living. Next year, I have an equal number of countries on my list. The best part? My family comes on most of it WITH ME!